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If you haven’t ridden a bike in some time, you are in for a shock. The days of Huffy bikes and his or her models are long past. Bikes today are specialized to niches ranging from mountain biking to freestyle to touring and beyond. You can ride for a reclining position or a more traditional one.

The way bikes are made have changed dramatically as well. Carbon fiber is the revolutionary new material and you can buy bike frames that way so little you can pick them up with a finger. But that isn’t all. From tires to gears to seats, everything is high tech. Heck, mountain bikes even have sophisticated shocks!

If you are looking to buy a bike, it can all be a bit overwhelming. An entire language of bike terms has been developed. The more you know, the better off you are going to be. To help you in your biking escapades, we’ve put together a collection of articles we update frequently. You can access it through the menu above or just start with these most recent articles.

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Once you are ready to start shopping, you need somewhere to do it. We’ve put together this directory of bike shops to help you do just that.

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